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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Why is Traveling Important.

“Travel as much as you can, as Far as You can, as long as you can Life is not ment to be lived in one place. and do a particular Job
this is not just a quote but are words which can define your Life, It can open your Eyes and Travelling will help you Explore Yourself and learn who you are.
Traveling will help you move forward in life and Evolve as a Person, A big Trip will ease your transition into the next stage of your life.Traveling helps you to face and reach new challenges, and finishing a trip  brings a sense of accomplishment and Satisfaction.
But where to Travel?
There are many differnt places where you can go out for an adventerous trip, But for me India remains on top.
With rich culture, majestic Temples, ancient heritage buildings, Beaches and big metro cities. and also The people you just cant forget them. People with different cast, culture speaking different languages
but lives United and thats the strength of India and that what makes this country Incredible.

India is calling you.

* Here are some award winning photographs which
  captures the essence of India.

1) Poor Good - Arup Ghosh.

2) Poonam - Alex Masi.

3) Trains - Steve McCURY.

4) Passion for cricket, MARINE BEACH -  SHANTAKUMAR.

5)  The Godess Black Kali - Elangova Subramanium.

6)  Water - Prasanta Biswas.

7) Divine Makeover - Mahesh.

8) Life in Color - Anurag Kumar.

9) Maha Kumbh Mela - Wolfgang.

Travel often because Traveling help’s us to make some unconditional sweet memories, Friends, and some great stori’s to tell. But it’s not that easy, Traveling is full of unexpected challanges, movements, Joy. And overcoming these gives you utmost Pleasure some unforgetable movements and greatest joys of all.
Traveling is a institute, A University in which there are no Exams but it teaches you many differnt things improves you as a person Educates you and teaches you History, Geography, Politics of different places you visit.
Meeting differnt people with differnt personalities will improve your Vision and perspective.
You learn differnt languages, you discover some skills about yourself skills you didn’t know you had, and most importantly
you will learn how to live. Because “TO TRAVEL IS TO LIVE”.

Why is Traveling Important.

WHAT IS TRAVELING “Travel as much as you can, as Far as You can, as long as you can Life is not ment ...